Four hidden home remodeling costs

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    If there’s one thing that every home remodeling project has in common, it’s that it tends to cost more than you plan for. That’s because in every remodeling project there are hidden costs and unforeseen setbacks that force you to go over your budget. Remodeling experts recommend setting aside a little extra, at least 10% more than you expect the remodel to cost, so that you’re prepared for anything. Here are four of the most common hidden remodeling costs.

    Behind the walls and beneath the floors

    The most common unforeseen remodeling expenses tend to involve the plumbing and electrical systems. Because you don’t typically become aware of these kinds of problems until you’re opening up walls and pulling up flooring, it’s hard to plan for. Other problems that might be lurking behind the walls and under the floors are mod, termites, and other pests. If you do uncover these sorts of problems, there’s nothing else you can do about but get them fixed.

    Structural issues

    If your remodeling project involves tearing down walls, you may learn after beginning the project that a wall is load bearing. In this case, a structural engineer will have to come in and make changes in order to allow you to tear down that wall. If there isn’t room in your budget for that, you might consider alternatives such as inserting a pass-through rather than tearing the wall down altogether.

    Appliances that need extra support

    If you’re planning on having an industrial fridge or commercial range hood installed in your kitchen, keep in mind that these large appliances weigh a lot more than standard appliances. A structural engineer may need to strengthen the floor beneath where the fridge will go. A commercial range hood will take up storage space and may require upgrades to your ventilation system.

    Shortcuts on previous remodeling projects

    You may discover during the course of a remodel that the home’s previous owners weren’t exactly forward-thinking when they did some remodeling of their own. If they’ve cut corners, it’s best to just take care of it rather than let the problems continue for another generation. If you’ve left room in your budget for these sorts of nasty surprises, you should be able to complete your project despite the setbacks.
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