Floods when I try to turn on my Sprinkler system!

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    Apr 7, 2014
    Hello folks,
    I'll try to keep this short. I just moved into a new place (first time home-owner!). I'm de-winterizing our sprinkler system as temperatures have finally warmed up. The previous owner left me directions on how to do this, which are as follows:

    1.) Close the manifold auto drain
    2.) Open the main water line
    3.) Open the manifold spigot valve

    This does indeed turn on the system. However, it also tends to flood my yard, which is not particularly stellar. Playing around with the system, there are two scenarios which may help isolate the flooding problem.

    Scenario 1: If I CLOSE the auto drain and OPEN the spigot valve, a PVC T-Junction (see picture) begins to start pouring water out of itself.
    Scenario 2: If I OPEN the auto drain and OPEN the spigot valve, the PVC pipe with the auto drain valve (see picture) begins to flood.

    Sprinkler Photos

    So, these are my questions:
    1.) Am I doing something wrong with turning on my system? Is there an easy fix?
    2.) If I'm not doing anything wrong, then I'm assuming I have a leak in a pipe somewhere. Would my easiest course of action be to just call a Lawn Service and have them fix it?

    Thanks for all your time :)

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