Flexible copper in hydronic heating systems

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    Aug 29, 2010
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    My Dad had a hydronic heating system put in in 1967. He had the contractor put the 1" copper pipe through a double 2"x10"x10' beam (attached as PipingNow.jpg). The beam in our unfinished basement is a supporting beam with two 4"x4" posts on either end. Next summer I want to replace the beam and have one end of a new beam tied into an unfinished interior wall in the basement. Over the years the house has been settling and the current beam is pushing down on the pipe :( . I want to reroute the pipe around the end of the beam. I have a couple of plans for rerouting the pipe.

    Plan "A" calls for moving 4 "force flow" tees and using two 45s and a 90 degree elbow (Attached as PipingPropA.jpg). I'd rather not move the tees and redo a couple of the 1/2" supply/return pipes. I'll ask about moving the tees in a future posting if I use plan "A".

    Plan "B" would not involve moving any tees, but I would have to use either four 90 degree elbows or flexible copper pipe with two 45 degree elbows (attached as PipingPropB.jpg). With this plan, I'm concerned that using too many additional elbows will cut down on the resistance of the flow of water. I'm leaning towards plan "B" and using 1" flexible copper.

    Any thoughts? Should I use flexible copper? Maybe wide radius 90 degree elbows instead?

    In advance, Thanks

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  2. DAvid12846

    DAvid12846 New Member

    Aug 29, 2010
    Upstate NY
    EEks! When I added the attachments, I told it "attachment" as opposed to "in-line". Looks like they're appearing "in-line"!

    Anyway, the photo under my posting is "PipingNow.jpg", my current piping.
    The next photo is Plan "A" (PipingPropA.jpg).
    The bottom photo is Plan "B" (PipingPropB.jpg).
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