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In October of 2020 I installed a driven sand point well to irrigate my wife's mini orchard and my sweet corn patch on my shop property and hit water at 15 feet. I have a small pressure tank and a 3/4 hp shallow point pump on it. The pump originally used was used and started leaking in May of 2021 and was replaced. Just found this week that I had lost prime sometime and ruined the pump. We have super fine soil which is almost impossible to even filter out and I suspect the check valve is leaking from a build up of that material. The soil is fine enough that I have to use a vacuum pump to prime the system so it doesn't take much to drain out the suction pipe I imagine.

I have a traditional spring poppet style valve in it which is going to require me to pull the pump out to remove the valve to clean it. I imagine this might end up as a yearly maintenance task. I have a low pressure cut out switch on its way but I was also wondering if I could convert it over to a flapper style check valve. That style would allow me to pull the top access plug out to clean it easily without having to pull the pump off each time.

I don't see any examples of a flapper style valve used on the suction line of a shallow well pump. I assume they are inadequate for the task. Are they?



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Flapper checks are no good on pump systems. You should be able to pump is hard and long enough to get the fines out. You will always have problems until you fix the sediment problem.
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