Ellstrom E-Lam Plus wins Seafair Chevrolet Cup

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    SEATTLE -- Dave Villwock benefited from a mistake by Jean Theoret and drove the Ellstrom E-Lam Plus hydroplane to a Chevrolet Cup victory Sunday on Lake Washington.
    Villwock physically finished second behind Theoret's Miss Beacon Plumbing in the winner-take-all final heat.
    But Theoret, who led from start to finish, was penalized one minute for being "off plane" - failing to get his boat high enough out of the water - before the start of the race, dropping him into fifth place.
    Villwock averaged 134.612 mph.
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    Taylor and I went to Seafair this year.
    I must have been doing my thinking thing again.
    The yellow boat come in 5th.

    Can you say corn dogs?
    and Elephant Ears?
    How bout Jones Barbecue and Jones Soda.
    They were giving away Green Apple soda on the way to the bus.

    In the first heat, there was a boat that flew up in the corner.
    That's right, it flew right up into the air at about 150 miles an hour, and slammed down upside down.
    The driver popped out through a hatch on the bottom and started waving his arms like mad.
    I didn't hear any music on shore, maybe he was hearing music.
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