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    My ejector pit pump is not working properly. The pumping function works fine, but there appears to be a problem with the flow control device that was once installed. Can someone look a these pictures and tell me what this device is and if I need it?. It's the pit closest in the picture witht he black pit cover that I am having trouble with. The other pump (draintile) never runs. Basically, the ejector pump pumps the water up about 5 feet, then horizontal for two or three feet, then back down right into the main waste stack.

    I know that part of my problem is with the float switch, which keeps gettin hung up onto the side of the pit because the pump is rattling it's way to the side of the pit. I have purchased an inline Watchdog float switch to help with this - hopefully eliminate the problem.

    What happens is that after pumping, I hear a rattling noise near the flow control device, then I can hear some water pushing it's way back down into the pump and pit. Since I am going to replace that float switch I wanted to seek advice on the flow control device at the same time. Replace it, eliminate it, etc.
    20111207_071631.jpg 20111207_071213.jpg
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    What you have is a combination ball and check valve. The check valve is supposed to stop anything from going back down the pipe when the pump turns off.

    A similar product which I have used with good results is the A.Y. McDonald 2" silent combo.
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