drainage/grading issues

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    Feb 14, 2006
    I am having a few issues regarding water coming in through a
    basement wall. I would like to correct these if possible.
    These walls are poured concrete.

    Currently I have a french drain around bottom of the wall.
    When it rains real hard a trickle of water comes through the
    wall via a crack. This crack runs from the top of the foundation to
    about 4 feet lower. Its maybe 1/16 of an inch wide. Anyway,
    the water comes through the crack and down the wall and into
    the french drain. Luckily it does not run onto the floor because
    of the french drain.

    On the outside, this wall is about 6 inches above grade.
    It is bordered by a flower garden that is about 2 feet wide
    and runs the entire length of the wall. Above the foundation
    is a brick wall.

    It seems to me as if the flower garden dirt has drained
    away or settled and is no longer grading properly away from the house.

    If I add dirt next to the house, then i get to close to the
    brick wall. I suppose the only solution is to slope away from
    the house by removing dirt instead of adding it.

    As for the crack in the wall, should i just widen it
    enough to fill it with hydraulic concrete?

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