Double sink garbage disposal, which side?

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    Apr 17, 2008
    I am remodeling my kitchen and I have a new double sink that has a large bowl and a small bowl. My wife and I have different opinions about which side the garbage disposal should be mounted. The large bowl has the drain hole 4 inches off center to the back of the bowl and is 3 inches deeper then the small bowl which is narrow and has the drain hole in the center. Can someone tell me which side the garbage disposal would normally be mounted, thanks.
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    Many people put it in the shallower, smaller sink. It's your call, as the main sink might get a lot of gunk thown into it, too. Because the trap arm in the wall for the drain needs to be lined up properly it is usually easier to have the disposal in the shallower sink so the trap arm isn't that much lower, but as long as gravity works and your trap arm allows constant down-angle slope, it could be either position. You may have to lower the whole connection in the wall if you choose the lower sink.
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