Diverter how many ports for shower or hand shower, or both

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    Hi y'all, thanks for any assistance you can provide and apologies for my novice question. Plumbing makes me vrerklempt.
    I have a delacora shower and tub faucet that has spout diverter from another project. I want to use it without the spout in a walk in shower plus a hand shower ( Alson's). I want to be able to run either the shower faucet or the hand shower, or both.

    So I have this pressure balanced valve

    I am really confused about what diverter valve I need to add to this setup to make it work. I can't seem to locate a delacora single or double handle diverter in polished nickel and not sure if I need 3 or 4 ports. Can I throw yet another brand in the mix and are there any issues with/how should I set it up?
    Many thanks!
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  2. hj

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    You need a diverter with an inlet port and two outlets. Whether it will allow you to operate both at the same time depends on its construction. The problem with mixing brands is that the handles will not match.
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