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    We have a 5-year old Maytag MDB9100AWB dishwasher that has developed a rather foul odor over the past couple years. Thinking the filters were gunked up with rotten food particles, I took them out and cleaned the fine-mesh filter plate (the pump filter was clean). The filter plate had a little debris inside the assembly, but not enough (I thought, anyway) to cause the smell.

    I noticed, however, that after removing everything there was about 6 cups of standing "gray" water sitting on top of the pump housing in the bottom of the tub. I siphoned that out, put everything back together, and ran an empty load with a cup of white vinegar. The smell was mostly gone after I ran it, but the DW again did not drain completely, leaving about the same amount of water as before.


    I double checked the drain line installation (high drain loop with waste tee), and it exceeds the minimum dimensions by an inch in both cases (top of loop is at 33", and waste tee is at 19"). I don't know if this makes any difference, but the DW is installed in an "island" cabinet, and the sink drain has a mechanical Studor vent which is also properly installed. This sink is rarely used, and only for food prep when it is, so nothing goes down the drain (except water) that could get siphoned back into the DW.

    So, my questions are: is this amount of residual water normal after the DW is finished draining, and if not, what are my next steps?

    Thanks for any and all help!
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