Dimmable LED lights on ceiling fan switch

Discussion in 'Electrical Forum discussion & Blog' started by rmgolob, Dec 12, 2019.

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    Dec 16, 2016
    I recently replaced incandescent dimmable bulbs with LED dimmable bulbs in a chandelier. To do so, I had to change the switch to one compatible with LED dimmable bulbs. All good.

    Now I want to switch a ceiling fan to dimmable LED bulbs. However, there is only one wall light switch to power the whole unit. There are 2 pull cords on the fan. One to power the fan and the other to power the lights.

    Can I do this?
    Is there another type of switch I need?
    Do I need to add another wall switch? - And if so, is it certain that the wiring in the wall will support this?
    Anything else I should ask or need to know?

    Thank you in advance
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    Screw one in and see how it reacts. As long as it's a 120vac bulb and the base is correct, you won't blow anything up, but it may just not function as you hope. Make sure the bulb is rated as dimmable. LEDs tend to have less range than incandescents, and just shut off while an incandescent just gets to a dull glow.
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