Difficulty closing sink drain. The drain lever is pressing up against this water supply line. Any advice?

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I notice that my sink drain is a little difficult to open and close.

I looked underneath and saw the water line was run above the lever where the drain opens and closes…essentially the line is getting pushed by the little metal bar each time the sink is opened and closed since the metal bar goes up each time I push it.


My home is still under warranty and I think I can ask the plumber to run the line underneath so it’s not making contact…but the line has a little “impression/dent” in it from constantly being against that metal drain line connector.

1. Will simply running the existing line underneath be a fine fix?

2. Should I be concerned about the slight “dent” in the existing water line from pressing against the drain lever? Are those lines pretty tough or should I ask for it to be replaced?


3. How difficult would that push on connector/water line to be replaced? I don’t have much PEX sticking out the wall and from what I’ve read, the water line can’t be replaced and the whole connector does.



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Most people don't like those ACCOR valves Easy to install, and cheap.

If you get those valves replaced, you may be able to remove the existing white escutcheons in the process. That gives more PEX. Then you could use split escutcheons if you have space.

If you want to just keep the rubbing from happen, you may be able to use a nylon cable tye or two to displace that flex line.

If you wanted the existing flex line above the rod, you could disconnect the rod at one end or the other, and move the line below the rod. But if I were going to keep the valve for a while, my move would be to use two nylon cable ties to pull that line up near the top of that 1-1/4 thread and just below that brass nut. One cable tie only goes around the thread plus the second cable tie. The second cable tie only goes around the white flex line and the first cable tie.

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tie wire the supply line away from the rod a zip tie or what have you or pop the clip off and move line below the pop up lever
I dont like those shut offs or the built on lines but oh well thats whatb is there for now . new house you arent going to get the suppl lines and angle stops swapped out for free
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