1. WorldPeace

    Diamond vs Morton

    Anyone experience any problems with Diamond Crystal Bright and Soft pellets recently? I know this has been discussed many times before but I'm wondering if the slightly grey color of Morton Clean and Protect salts are fine. My back story is the following. Recently, my brine tank was...
  2. Hud

    Advice on new softener.

    Plan to replace my current softener with a Fleck 5810SXT and would appreciate comments on a couple items. City water; 15 grains; no iron, 0.6Clorine; code requires 1" plumbing. 2 person household, 90 day average soft water consumption is 75 gallons per day. 1. Is 10% resin a good option. 2. I...
  3. FruitfulPanda

    Troubleshooting water softener water quality change

    Trying to figure out what's up with my impression by Water Right water softener. It came with my house 2 years ago, it's an IM-1054 based on the year and specs I am aware of. I've been maintaining it by making sure it had enough salt and getting it serviced yearly. The next appointment is coming...
  4. Riddleyo

    Fleck 9100SXT Set up and tuning Help

    Hello, Thank you so much to the experts on this forum answering newbie's questions as they have taught me more than any other resource so far. I have recently installed a new Fleck 9100SXT Twin Tank "96k" grain system in my home set up with well water. It has been operating for the past 4...
  5. OtherFWord

    Help Selecting Water Softener System

    I am looking to replace my gold series Culligan with something else. I am leaning towards Fleck but open to other options. Culligan came out and recommended to replace my current with an HE1 10". The pricing was just outrageous. I have been looking at the Fleck 5600SXT, 5810SXT and the 5810...
  6. Sergei

    Need help figuring out manual regeneration

    Hello, My girlfriend has an old Great Lakes Water Soft Company water softener, and for a few weeks now it has not been using up the salt that’s in the tank. Sadly the business is no longer running, and there’s no user manual to be found, or a model number. I figured out that there seems to be...
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