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    Oct 7, 2010
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    Over a year I have being showering and smelling a petrolium smell. My skin and hair get coated with a sticky clear material when showering. I feel sick after a shower. I am even afraid to drink the water.

    We do not have a plumber here where I live - a small island. I had someone who does the plumming drain the tank six months ago but said the tank was fine. Problem continued. Last week finally landlord sent someone else and he found at the bottom of the tank green floating material, orange floating material and milk white material. Landlord agreed to change the tank. Upon installing tank the acting plumber call him Danny he called to me and showed me a big concern. On the hose that exits the hot water tank he found lots of black petrolium smelling material that was thick as grease. I have a new tank but this pipe is full of the stuff. His job was to clear the grey plastic pipe that runs from the hot water heater through the walls to taps. He called 5 plumbers but non of them heard of this problem before. He used CLR and ran it through. To date when I turn on the bathroom sink hot water tap or shower tap I smell a heavy smell of that material. If I leave taps open it is if it becomes a gas and my stomach starts feeling sick. I am afraid to use the water to bathe or wash. Have you heard of this problem? Is the water safe? I also have been experiencing a metalic taste in mouth when I touch the hot water, been coughing up a little bit of blood sometimes and asthma has increased. This ight not be related but worried. Landlord will test water after (Canada) Thanksgiving. In the mean time I am seeking answers.

    Thank you! Robin
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