Debrief of my Cr100 with KDF-85 problem

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    Gidday everyone...
    I've decided to write in a new post the summary of my action and findings of my previous post
    since it started to get pretty long.

    Even if I received a complete new set of media from Greenway, I wanted to know
    what I could do with my current one that was only 10 months old.

    I opened-up the tank and mix/break the top which was the KDF
    with a 1" wood bit with a long extension, I was able to get to the CR100
    and bring it up on top and mixing it with the KDF.

    Gave it a powerful Back wash with no DLFC, I have a basket screwed-in
    at the bottom of the valve/top of tank to prevent the media to escape. This was full pump
    9-10GPM, and than re-installed the DLFC control(5.2).

    I wanted to make sure to remove any Iron Bacteria, so I mixed a gallon of javex/water
    and unplugged the plastic pipe going to the salt container and threw the softener
    in REGEN and skipped to the brine mode to suck my mix. I did let it sit for about 2 hrs.
    and also wanted to clean the pipe, so I opened the tap until the javex smell was present.
    I followed-up with another Backwash.

    Been 2 weeks now and no smell...


    I called Crystal right and they confirmed that the CR100 shelf life is in his word "infinite"
    and so as for the KDF.....So I have a set for when ever I will need a re-bed.

    To unlock the program...
    As if you are dialing a telephone it's minus,next,plus,clock
    To lock it back, same deal.

    Next and minus together for 5 seconds will get you in to change
    the parameters and 'Next' will show you the different ones.
    So this is where you can change your backwash/rinse/ etc.....

    It shows also what the chlorinator is set at,but, cannot change it
    from the panel, still looking for an answer on that one.

    Next and Plus together gets you to select your time for regen/days between/time ..

    A table spoon of CR100 weights 10 gram and KDF is 40 grams.
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