Cost of HIV/Aids Medicines

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    Witnesses testified on the cost of HIV/AIDS medications and monopolies created in the HIV/AIDS drugs market. The focus was particularly on Committee Chair Bernie Sanders (I-VT) bill that, if approved, would lower cost, increase access, eliminate legal barriers to generic competition, and create an annual $3 billion prize for HIV/AIDS drug research.

    My brother James Packard Love speaks at the 51 minute point.
    You can skip to that by scanning down on the timeline.
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    Oct 7, 2005
    He's good Terry, a good speaker. I had a friend, I say, had because he died of Hiv/Aids, and he also, had NHL. I met him while doing the tx's together. He was being tx'd for NHL, which was put into check, but, the Interferon wasn't helping the HIV/Aids. He succumbed to it. His insurance, he was working for HD, didn't cover the anti nausea meds, but, mine did. I couldn't even tolerate the anti nausea meds, so, I gave them to him. Out-of-pocket for him, would had been 500 bucks, I paid 20. My husband made sure he got the anti nausea meds. We all became good friends, my buddy with NHL/HIV/AIDS, his life-long mate, my husband and I. We tried to help as much as possible in getting him the necessary meds. He was a good man.

    I hope people like your brother can make a difference for those who need it.
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    Jun 12, 2012
    I pray that the bill becomes approved. Finally, a necessity that's brought to the attention of the dimension of politics......versus toilet or robot research.
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