Constant drip down drain valve from Culligan Iron-Cleer

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  1. Pkenn

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    Dec 26, 2011
    For the past 8 months, there's been a constant drip down the drain valve from my Culligan Iron-Cleer. They system was installed in 2002. The company that installed the system has sent repairmen out at least six times and their "repairs" do not permanently fix the problem. The sealpack and bell crank were replaced TWICE; an extra large blue filter installed to filter additional silt after silt was found & cleaned off valves & other parts; pointer on iron-cleer clock checked on one visit and then fixed on another.

    At one point, I let the drip go w/out calling for another repair visit. The drip turned into a flow which eventually resulted in a total loss of pressure. For the past 3 months, I've had the system in bypass mode. Recently, the water began to I turned it back on. Now, the drip is back....

    I'm at a loss because the local Culligan dealer has been unable to diagnose and fix the problem. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    What is the size of the micron for the pre filter? it might not be small enough to stop the silt that is getting in the seal pack area and killing the o rings.
    Until that part is fixed so that the silt is not getting into the Culligan head... you will be replacing the seal pack every x number of months or years.

    Also on the pre filter , how big is the filter that is in the housing? 4x10 2x10 or 4x20 or 2x20?
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  4. wangtao

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    Nov 14, 2011
    Please send your picture on your forum,Maybe picture will help you to fix this problem.
  5. rjh2o

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    May 10, 2011
    If there is indeed sediment coming from the well this is a problem. More likely the valve itself needs to be cleaned and media replaced in tank. If sediment got into the media tank it can be stirred up with each backwashing cycle. The "sealpacks" on the system are very susceptible to any sediment, the seals get scored and causes the unit to run to drain. This would explain the temporary fix with new sealpacks and the re-occurence of same problem several months later. These units typically need to be re-bedded every 10 - 12 years depending on water chemistry and usage. I would have them clean the valve internals completely before they install any new parts also.
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