Connecting air duct to air register

Discussion in 'HVAC Heating & Cooling' started by monkeyshine, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. monkeyshine

    monkeyshine New Member

    Feb 3, 2013
    Good evening all -

    Sorry for the rookie question, but I've come across an issue with my air duct to air register which I was hoping the pros on the site could please answer. More than likely a very simple answer.

    I currently have this set up which is a 7+" OD (OD is just a hair over 7" - maybe 7.125/7.2) air duct which I'm trying to use a 7" to 6" reducer to accommodate a 6" air register:

    This is what the "elbow" or whatever that is looks like:
    GL1.jpg GL2.jpg GL3.jpg

    For whatever reason, the ridges on the air duct (it's an old set up obviously) will not accommodate the 6" air register - even with the reducer. The 7" side of the reducer will not fit properly to the 7+" OD air duct. Seems like HVAC work is never plug n' play. The "elbow" appears to be attached to a long sheet metal pipe. Does anyone have any ideas - any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

    Things I've tried thus far:
    1. 7" to 6" reducer
    2. Sheet metal (rolled and crimped) with self tapping screws unfortunately with no luck either.
  2. monkeyshine

    monkeyshine New Member

    Feb 3, 2013
    This is the original air duct (similar from another room)


    Any ideas guys?
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