Commercial Bar Sink Drain Question

Discussion in 'Illinois Plumbing Code Questions' started by djmaquet, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. djmaquet

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    Jan 21, 2014
    I am in the process of building out a bar. I am the owner and my cousin is a very good union plumber in town. Behind the bar I have a hand sink (from left to right), a 12" garbage can, a 12" dump sink, then a 3 compartment sink with drainboards on each end. The hand sink has it's own drain and the 3 compartment sink drains into a floor drain. He is telling me that the dump sink cannot drain into the floor drain if I put a faucet on it (it does not have it's own drain).

    He said that if I put a faucet on the dump sink, it will have to have it's own drain (closed). Yet I can do away with the dump sink and put in a 4 compartment sink (one compartment for dump), without any issues. This doesn't seem right as the water coming out of the 3 compartment sink will be gray water.

    Does anybody know what code says about this? I equipment has already arrived but has not been installed. The bar is not sheeted yet, but he's telling me I would need another drain / vent (big bucks). Something just doesn't seem right - the dump sink will be very low volume - only to rinse with hot water a few times/day.

    I read the code and it looks like I drain the dump I guess I'm missing something.

  2. plmbrbob

    plmbrbob New Member

    Feb 2, 2014
    Wauconda, Il.
    without knowing your town, i would be guessing, but assumming you are talking about indirect connection to a floor drain, hub drain or floor sink, most inspectors will allow an indirect connection, waste piping not to exceed 6ft., for dump sink. Most would allow a hand sink to be indirectly connected as well. Best to check with inspector. (they love that).
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