Cleaning the pressure switch fitting on a jet pump

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    I replaced the pressure switch on the jet pump due to an increasing number of 20-30sec dropouts in pressure. Based on other comments on the board I expected to see the fitting in the pump for the pressure switch clogged and it was (The 1/4" opening had only about 1/16" clear before the cleaning started). After getting out as much crud as possible I reassembled everything and started praying.

    Well, prayers were not answered and after about 30 minutes I figured out that there was no water going from the pump through the pressure tubing to the switch. I then took a longer length of pressure tubing and ran it into a small bucket to check it again (as well as the other 1/4" fitting on the pump where the broken gauge was installed). Neither one has any water whatsoever coming through them when the pump is on and the tank is building pressure. I tested both of them (carefully) up to about 45psi before I manually cut the pump off.

    Pump: Double Drop Jet Pump (3/4HP Jacuzzi circa 1960 maybe but I can't find any markings on it, just the Jacuzzi label on the GE electric motor)
    Tank: WelXTrol WX-203 (set to 28psi)
    Switch: ProPlumber (Lowes) 30-50psi

    Q1: Is there a best way to open the water passages in the pump housing so that I can get the pressure switch working on the pump?
    Q2: If it's this bad should I really be looking for another pump?
    Q3: If I am looking for another pump should I really be considering a submersible and a new pipe down to the foot valve?

    Thanks a bunch.
    -- eric

    BTW ... this board is fantastic.
  2. Gary Slusser

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    Remove the tubing form its fittings and then the fittings it connects to. Then poke a screw driver through the hole in the pump and up into the bottom of the switch (careful not to break the switch). Clean the fittings too. Pound a nail through the hole where the tubing fitting screws into the pump wet end if needed, just don't damage the threads. If all that doesn't get water to flow to the switch, you must not have water in the pump. Did you prime the pump?
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  4. speedbump

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    Jul 15, 2005
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    Riverview, Fl.
    Be very careful with all the scale that has built up on that pump and all the pipes coming to and going from that pump. One little piece of scale can plug the nozzle in the jet in the well and the whole thing will have to be pulled and replaced.

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