Clarification on toilet flange please

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    Apr 28, 2007
    Maybe I have a problem, or maybe it is just late and I am over-thinking things, here goes. I am remodeling a 2nd floor bathroom, and had to tear down to the floor joists and removed the old toilet flange and elbow (the elbow was cracked and was leaking). This is all pvc, 3". From the toilet down it is a flange connected right to a 90 degree elbow, and then about a 3-foot length connecting to the main. I cut the old elbow from the drain pipe tight at the connection, glued a new street elbow and left off the flange (ceramic tile will be installed, after replacing the 3/4" subfloor (I'll be using treated plywood around the toilet) and 1/2" Durock. Obviously, this means that my new toilet will be shifted to the left, the length of the old pvc joint (between the old drain pipe and elbow, maybe 2 inches), no problem there, but my main concern is the height/ level of the elbow that is sticking up. What I am confused about is, does that opening of the elbow at the floor surface have to be level, or will the "level" flange accommodate a little unevenness. As it is now, the top of the elbow is level, however, it is sitting about 1 1/2" below the finished height. So, as I raise the drain pipe to the proper height, I am now unleveling the top of the elbow, to accommodate the pitch. Will a level flange glue properly to the top of an un-level elbow? Also, how far down the elbow does the new flange have to be? Since it is just elbow and flange, I don't have a lot of height to play with, and may have to install the flange over the cement board instead of the finished tile. Do I need to bother with installing a short length of pvc to gain less than 1/2" height, or do I just set the flange over the Durock and tile up to the flange?
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