Chip and scratch in new Maax tub

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  1. Mels_Bath

    Mels_Bath New Member

    Feb 19, 2008
    We've had our new Maax Lopez tub installed for two weeks now. Just today, I noticed a one-inch long scratch and an adjacent chip on the bottom of the tub, near the drain.

    I believe the tub is acrylic. I have a couple of questions:
    -What is my best option for repairing the scratch/chip? Can I buff them out?
    -Are these tubs super-fragile? (A question I suppose I should have asked before purchasing the tub.) We don't allow our preschooler's bath toys in the tub, and the heaviest thing that could possibly have fallen in the tub is my husband's razor. I suppose the chip/scratch could have occurred when the tiling folks were working on the surround. Just wanted to get a feel for how careful I need to be with the tub.

    Thank you!
  2. krow

    krow Plumber

    Feb 11, 2008
    Ontario, Canada
    The Acrylic/fiberglass tubs are fairly durable unless to drop a ceramic tile on its corner or a hammer from a 2 ft height.

    I beleive Maxx has distributer service people that will come to your home and repair the tub on the spot. You can't even tell that it was even an issue. you may end up having to pay for their work, unless you can prove it was shipped and installed that way.
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  4. Sincraft

    Sincraft Member

    Feb 4, 2006
    Let me tell you a short story.
    I installed a kohler shower pan and tri wall system. Afterwards, I pulled the warning stickers off then went to work with the rest of the bathroom.

    I then a few later, went to clean the entire bathroom for prep to use. Started with hot water and a sponge to loosen up some gunk that had fallen on the tub, sanded drywall from one really high area and a sticky mark left by the sticker.

    I then noticed that it looked like I was taking the finish off. Scratch with my nail and it was like I was able to take the top pebbled finish off to the bare fiberglass with my nail.

    I was PISSED. So I piddled a bit more, and Pop out comes a chunk of fiberglass.

    So I called Kohler...they sent someone out 3 days later, the guy said they obviously had a repair - what I scrapped away was a cheap top coating of spray paint they used and WAY over he sanded a small 3" area - repaired the spot then finished it after removing the rest of the gunk and most of the overspray.

    I didn't think that was going to make me happy as it would be RIGHT there in front of my face when I showered. It's a small single 36" shower. But after the first time and subsequent times - I don't even notice a repair. Noone if they had to could find it, and after a few weeks thus far - there hasn't been any build up in that area to make it look different or repair.

    I figure I would have to rip it out to do it right so, why not just let this repair job happen and if I am not happy THEN rip it out.

    **If I were you, I would ignore it unless it bothers you. You can tell them to send someone out but it's likely you will be charged like $200 or so. They will make it look pretty good if they are good, but if you can live with it, I would. But like I said, if it really bothers you there is hope**

    On a side note, these are pretty darn least kohlers are. We went to costco and bought one of those 600 pound shampoo bottles that someone put on the top top shelf of your other shower. I was in there one day and bumped dropped about 4 to 5 feet hit the ramp area where you would rest if you were bathing, and then smashed against the side wall. Not a scratch, ding, crack or even really a buff mark. Just a small buff that I was able to immediately rub out with a paper towel! :)

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