Charge Station for an EV

Discussion in 'Electrical Forum discussion & Blog' started by jadnashua, Feb 20, 2014.

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    I'm considering buying a plug-in EV, and if I do, will probably buy a level 2 Electric Vehicle Support Equipment (EVSE) (commonly known as a charger, but in reality, the charging is in the vehicle...this is a smart power-line switch). Anyway, I'd like to be able to either install it inside the garage, OR, outside (assuming it is rated for outdoor use, many are) with a dryer like plug that some offer.

    Are there any of those receptacles rated for external use?

    I'd like to run the two in parallel off of one CB (well, daisy-chain the two). Is that okay to do? Figure I'd need a pretty big box, but in the garage, I don't care.

    The specs on many of these include a built-in GFCI. Would I need to also supply it with a GFCI CB, or is the internal one, since it isn't hardwired, okay?

    The vehicle I'm considering is rated at about 20A with its internal charger circuit max, but to look forward, the standard allows for up to 60A on the J1772 plug now becoming standard in the USA for EV's. As a result, I'd like to consider wiring it to allow up to the max. The runs aren't all that long, the panel is in the garage, but I'd rather do it once, than maybe twice or more.

    Would I be better off running EMT and single conductors, or a cable in the garage, especially if I need to go through the wall to outside?

    If I make the jump, it will be at least a few months, so I'm trying to get a handle on what it would take to make it work properly.
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    I don't know for certain but I would feel safe in betting that they are.

    4 11/16 metal box should be fine.

    No need to double up on the GFCI.

    I would use EMT, especially for anything that will be exposed, but that's just me. Rules concerning possible damage come into play but do not rule out NM or MC. The electrons don't care.
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