help from expert

  1. D

    Replacing submersible well pump any suggestions please

    Need to replace my submersible well water pump what size pump do I need? Well Depth 120ft, Casing Depth 82ft, Static Water 50, Diameter 4" looking for a good 1hp that will easily do like 20 gpm any recommendations please
  2. M

    long sweep 1/4 bend with a 1/16 bend to installed wye on soil stack

    Notice in the picture that I want to connect to the existing wye, but I need to use a 1/16 bend to accomplish this connection. Is this okay per code?
  3. Hdmapp

    Changing Existing Basement Rough-in pumping help

    Hey all, I’ve been watching this forum for a while and have gotten tons of helpful tips and information to reflect on, however now I need some of your help to figure out if my plumping is a good fit. My basement came with a rough in but in builder fashion they put it all close together in a...
  4. CalebRobertsonUSA

    HOW TO FIX??

    Hey guys and girls, I’m new to plumbing and I have a bathroom I am remodeling. I have a basic understanding/knowledge about plumbing, but far from an expert. How would you fix this dated plumbing mess? If you could attach links to parts that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Trying to...
  5. Richfromny

    Pressure tank tee downsized?? is that common??

    I could use an expert's help. My Well-X-Trol (WX-251) is fine, but the drain on the tank tee is leaking, (and the packing nut is tightened all the way in). I was going to replace just the drain on the tank tee, but all of the plumbing is corroded, and I figured as long as I was going to drain...
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