Central control valve location, pros and cons?

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    Mar 15, 2007
    I have two different philosophies on zone control valve location. The plumbing is simplified if I put the valves at the head of each zone scattered throughout the system. However, if I put the valves all at the manifold just after my well tank, wiring will be a snap and I'll never have to look for a valve or a broken wire somewhere out in my lawn. The wires will only be 8-10' long and all of the valves will be in one box, or two. Of course, I will have to run more pipe because each zone will originate at the central manifold. Can anyone speak from experience with both types of setups?
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    You should start by positioning all of the water outlets on a scaled plan, identifying the area to be covered by each, and the GPM and time that you need to put a certain amount of water on the area. You will have some high flow sprinkler heads, and some low flow soaker type outlets.

    Then, allocate water outlets to zones, trying to match the pump capacity. You would like to have the system running at full capacity whenever the pump is on.

    THEN, look at how you need to run the pipe. Iterate the layout and zones to get efficient use of pipe and trenching. The pipe size should be matched to the flow. You will save a lot of digging if you can double up pipes in a trench.

    Try both concepts in your layout. I suspect that one will become the apparent winner.

    If you have all of the valves together, they don't have to be right at the pump. You could have a valve manifold at the end of a 1.5" pipe, with all of the wiring running in a conduit from the controller to the manifold. You are looking at the layout and are best able to pick the right solution.

    Your valve location decision should be the result of the layout of the water outlets and geometry of the lot, broken up by the house. You might have two valve manifolds; on in front and one in back. The wiring shouldn't be a problem if you run it to the manifolds in PVC conduit. It should be wire suitable for wet location, because it is going to get wet, even in PVC conduit.
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