Can you use modified thin set with Kerdi and Ditra?: Yes if you use Ardex

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    That's great info , John . I did use your blog page -- reading codes -- Thanks again . It really helped . :)

    Still waiting for a fresh X32 and a fresh X7R . I did find out about how important the expiration date on the X7R is -- a reducing agent for Chromium VI is used and if past the 12 month period , the mortar cannot be used -- . Probably Chromium levels are above the desired levels .....Thanks to UK data sheets . I wonder why Ardex america doesn't mention it in their data sheet .
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    The Canadian fellow I asked about the date codes told me they had to be called in. I think it is who you talk to at Ardex. Get the right person and get some good info.

    I checked my Laticrete 254 dates today and no blog site post had to be searched. I just simply read that it was made in February of this year.
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