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    Can anyone assist me on where I can purchase a broach and length guide template to verify faucet valve stem makes on the job. I know you can take them to Lowes or the home depot etc. to match up. It would be great to have this template with me on service calls to streamline the call. I have called my suppliers, used the search engines with every way of phrasing I can think of. I have been a plumber now over 24 years in the commercial construction arena with only approx 3 years in the service area. This would be a great jewel for me to have.
    Any help?
    Also, is there a valve stem catalog / seat "bible" that covers all. This would accompany well.
    Thanks for any advice, link, supplier, etc.
  2. Hairyhosebib

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    Jun 23, 2010
    If I can remember, I will look in the Sexauer Catalog at work for such an item. If anybody would have it, they would. The big problem with them is you have to get an account and buy through a local Rep. Maybe you can try the auction sites for such an odd item too. If you happen to deal with a company rep, be sure to purchase one of their big Bulldog plungers. They are bigger than most other plungers at a reasonable price.
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  4. jimbo

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    Aug 31, 2004
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    The stores get it from their supplier. In the case of HD it is Danco, and I don't know who puts up stems for lowes or ace. I just don't know if Danco sells those to the general public. The Danco catalog is also a wealth of information, although not organized well for research.

    On line, is very good. You need for kohler. And these days, there are too many off-brands to keep up with!!

    The best resources are if you can get a hold of some older parts catalogs. For example, my 2004 Delta parts book has diagrams for models not shown in the newer versions, and I would love to get an even older one. Same for PP. The old AmStd parts books have breakdowns for models you don't find much help with in the stores. The big brands, when a model is no longer current, their parts support starts to taper off. Kohler is the best, but you have to have a K model number, and lots of $$$$$
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