Bosch Aquastar 2500

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    Apr 13, 2019
    Los Angeles
    Hi All

    We've had this model for @ 14 years.
    Propane model. Well water/Whirlpool whole house sediment filter/Whirlpool Water Softener (Not high end.)
    The heater has been working pretty well but recently, at intermittent times, it's failed to ignite. During that time it has an 'Er' flashing, presumably it means error. No apparent specific error number or code.
    I usually progress by hitting Reset several times however the error is increasing in frequency.

    I'm handy with tools however little plumbing experience.
    I'm wary of electricity and propane and would make sure these were off if I need to open the case.

    Any suggestions to diagnose?

    Additionally I have noticed over the years that our faucets and shower heads have been clogging a little with minerals from the water. I'm wondering if that would be the obvious issue and should consider descaling if I can tackle it?

    (And it looks like the original plumber did not install service valves...)
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