Booster Pump Pressure Tank and Water Velocity/Turbulence => Pinhole Leaks?

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I'm looking for and would appreciate some someone independent advice on this issue because every plumber and water quality expert gives me a different answer.

1994 Construction, Large home with many feet of copper pipes and an guest house that is quite far away.
Current: Water Storage ---> 12V Piston Pump --> Entire Plumbing /Distant Guest House --> Pressure Tank
Original Design: Water Storage ---> 12V Piston Pump--> Pressure Tank --> Distant Guest House

Original pressure tank was directly after 12V Pump and before rest of plumbing but it was steel and appears to have failed one day so I think they added a tank at the end of the system rather than remove it.

Continual Pinhole Leaks Throughout Property

I have a feeling that the water velocity when the pump runs may be a greater problem to solve than the water hardness when it comes to reducing pinhole leaks. Solving water hardness will be tricky because I can't drain to my unique wetlands septic system.

Water Chemistry: PH 7.74 / TDS 377mg/L / Hardness 303mg/L

1. Would replacing the original tank assist in reducing turbulence caused when the pump is pumping? Is it turbulence or velocity I am concerned with from this pump. I think a water hammer arrester would not help in reducing the turbulence from the pump.
2. If not, what's my best course of action?
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