Beginner question about install of smart toilet angle stop with "weird" threat

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i'm new here and want to say first hello and I already gathered some great information here.

I have kind of s stupid question maybe I can't figure out and my plumber buddy couldn't help either remotely.

I bought one of those smart toilets at HOMARY which comes with an angle stop.

Right now we have a 1/2 copper pipe in wall with an standard 1/2" angle stop.

The house from the toilet is 15/16 according to the manual and is about right, as a 7/8 hose won't fit.

I showed the valve a plumber and he was confused about the 1/2" thread. It is a straight thread he said and he wouldn't know how to connect that to the angel stop. We looked online for adapters, but couldn't find anything.

How would you guys solve that?

Is there an adapter from 15/16 hose to 1/2" on my existing angle stop? As far as I know the 15/16 is a typical garden hose, right?

Or how can I connect that new angle stop to the copper line? I couldn't find an adapter to solder on to the copper line?

Or is that something "made in china" made not specifically for the US and I just try to connect the hose somehow to my existing angel stop?

thank you in advance



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