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Hey folks! Great forum; been learning a lot just browsing over the past week or so.

My wife and I are updating a bathroom in our house with new bathtub and tile. While dry fitting the bathtub, there is a gap underneath the apron where it meets the tile. Additionally, the ends of the apron are in contact with the tile directly. We assume this is not good as any sort of weight on the edge will force the apron to bear that weight.

Our thoughts are this:
1 - We can raise the bathtub by installing a 1/4" subfloor. In doing so, the apron will float above the tile. However, this will leave a fairly unsightly gap. We could possibly use quarter-rounds to hide the gap, however, this is not our preferred look. Thoughts or guidance?

2 - Is there a way to shave/sand the ends of the apron to match the gap in the middle? If so, what is the best way to go about doing this without damaging the tub?

The bathtub is an acrylic KOHLER Elmbrook (

Appreciate the time and input!


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