Basement sink pump venting

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I am putting in a bar room with sink and 1/2 bath in my basement. My plan is to use a Zoeller 105 pump for the sink. The 1/2 bath will have a vanity sink going to a Saniflo Sanicompact upflush toilet.

1.) 1/2 Bath: my understanding is that the bathroom sink can connect to the Sanicompact and the toilet does not need a vent and can be connected to the drain line. Does the sink need a vent?

2.) Bar room sink venting: The drain line is ~ 5ft above where the sink and pump will be located so access is not a problem for drain. I can run the pump vent vertically through a closet to the attic where a 3" vent pipe is located. Can I tie the pump vent into that 3" vent? The 3" vent is servicing ~ 22 fixture units now. Or does the pump require a dedicated roof vent?

The photo shows the 3" vent in the attic and the proposed tie in from the pump. Its about 25 ft from the pump up to that 3" pipe. The horizontal distance from the attic entry point to the 3" pipe is about 10 ft. the vertical section of the 3" pipe from the attic floor is ~ 2.5ft.
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The sink does need a vent in my mind...unless your saniflo instructions indicate otherwise. The Saniflos we've done have required vents, but read just now that the Sanicompact doesn't
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