1. V

    Can you add a larger pressure tank after filter?

    Hello all, I am having problems with the water pressure in my house and am getting even more pressure from my wife to fix it. This is my first home with a well system and i dont have too much knowledge on plumbing and well systems. Your expert help would be greatly appreciated. When I turn on...
  2. BS Frank

    Lake Irrigation Question

    Thank you in advance for your assistance. New lake home and looking to accomplish the following: I have a red lion rl-sprk100 pump. I would like to suck water from the lake 20' away from the pump and about 5' below the pump to a spigot location 20' away from the pump and about 10' above the...
  3. GetBakedCoatings

    Submersible Pump Setup Help

    Hey All, I have two issues but gonna start out with my setup description. I am no plumber of course, I am a capable homeowner. I was quoted $4700 for an RO system for my home and decided that I could definitely build my own. So..... $900 later, whole house RO. Was doing great for the last 4...
  4. 55tbirdfan

    $400 vs $900 irrigation pump

    I am replacing 30 yr old irrigation pump for my sprinkler system. Was a 1½hp Myers pump. Pump still running but think the body has just about rusted thru. I am looking at pumps in the $400 range and wondering if I should be looking at more expensive pumps but do not know what the advantage...
  5. Goodguy5000HD

    Well water suddenly dirty, well pump power fluctuates... is it a disaster? (SOLVED)

    (1 day after installing new white sediment filter) After being out-of-town for a month, the well pump protection circuit kept tripping due to high load. After testing, the well pump resistance is normal, but the running pump's amperage varies 7--20A (after bypassing protection circuit). Also...
  6. Soggysocksandthirstytrees

    Pulsating and pump cycling

    My goal is to have a designated pump for watering my plants from my well. I want to start with a garden hose, then eventually add drip lines and possibly sprinklers. I have a 4” free flowing artesian well. I have the 4” well teed off to 1-1/4” lines to house water system, to pond fountain (no...
  7. Skeensy

    Check valves one house well system

    Hi everyone. Looked all over the place for a diagram with a well setup that includes a sprinkler distribution line as well. This is our bathing and drinking water as well as irrigation. I have the well pump, check valve at the well head down pipe, outside the well , then a 10 foot run to a...
  8. Ecove

    Hartell Pump Malfunction

    Hello Plumbing Community, I'm relative handy but a DIYer and nowhere near a professional so apologies in advance for my ignorance. Was hoping to ask the group about where to begin with a Hartell LTP-1 pump that seems to malfunction. We have a small wet bar/sink on our main floor that drains to...
  9. Blollum

    Basement sink pump venting

    I am putting in a bar room with sink and 1/2 bath in my basement. My plan is to use a Zoeller 105 pump for the sink. The 1/2 bath will have a vanity sink going to a Saniflo Sanicompact upflush toilet. 1.) 1/2 Bath: my understanding is that the bathroom sink can connect to the Sanicompact...
  10. Thomas Dezall

    Well water pump blow water through the PRV.

    During a recent cold spell, My 3/4 Horse Power 57 Litre Stainless Steel Shallow Well Jet Pump . now blows water through the pressure relief valve but I still have pressure in the house. Is it safe to run like that? The pressure gauge red lines.
  11. Brendan Poirier

    Sump pump plumbing

    Hi everyone looking for some insight on how my sump pump is set up. I made a quick sketch to show how it is currently plumbed. The horizontal check valve you see in the photo is from the second sump pump which is at the rear of my house. It pumps to the front sump pump and its all tied together...
  12. Ron Benchetrit

    Well pump intermittently struggling to refill pressure tank

    Hi all, We’ve recently done some work replacing the plumbing between our pressure tank, water softener, GE Filter and UV Filter with PEX lines. Pressure in all house faucets and shower are fine. The pressure switch looks ok turning the pump on at 45psi and off at 65psi. When all is good, the...
  13. NAIRB

    How to determine if both water heater feed same line or seperate

    How do I determine if my water heaters are connected to same lines or if each one supplies certain faucets? I want to install recirculating pump to get hot water faster in kitchen (in middle of house) but not sure if one heater feeds kitchen or if both feed. If on same system, do I need to...
  14. Richtdow

    Sump Pit Design and Necessity

    Yesterday after a couple days of rain ending with a particularly heavy bout, my basement had a couple of inches of water in it from hydrostatic pressure. This happened once before two years ago under similar conditions. Since then I worked my surface drainage around the house (ground level...
  15. Dsperaw

    Looking for pump suggestions for a new well

    We just finished drilling our well and am looking for suggestions on our pump and drop pipe. Specs: 440 ft deep Producing 5gpm Static water is about 250 ft deep About 50 ft from house. House will be off grid Feeds a 5 bedroom house. Energy consumption is a concern. We would also like to run...
  16. Matt1225

    Pump Sizing for New Well

    We are in the process of building a new house. The house is a 2 story 4 bedroom 2.5 bath house. The calculated peak water flow is 15 GPM. We have had our well drilled and are now looking for the pump for the well. Details/Plans for the well: Depth: 220ft Static Height: 105ft Recovery Rate...
  17. Mattt1986

    New well point struck water...but ZERO gpm

    I am in northern Illinois and wanted to supplement my city water with an irrigation well. I decided to jet in a well point behind my house, since we live in a very marshy area and I know the water table is just a few feet down. I struck water about 6 feet down, and sunk the well point about 12...
  18. Antlerman

    Best Washing Machine & Laundry Tub Pump?

    I'm going to be helping my son work on a duplex he is purchasing that has a bad setup for washing machine draining - BOTH apartments drain their washing machines AND laundry tubs into the sump pump basin. It smells bad and, most likely, will cause the motor on the sump pump to fail...
  19. Jcwright30

    Pressure Tank & Pump Setup with Elevated Cistern - Need Advice!

    First my setup (see pics): I have a spring fed cistern (600+ gallons). Call this at 600' above sea level. This cistern runs down to a bank barn. Call this at 500' above sea level. From the barn it feeds into the house. Call this 510' above sea level. I have a yard hydrant at the barn which...
  20. Boltnut

    Dual Purpose Water Supply Line

    Hello Everyone! I have an IBC tote in the front yard and use a transfer pump to store water in a 2400-gallon storage tank in the backyard. This supply line is 1.5" PVC above ground. I have a 2" underground supply line running from the 2400-gallon storage tank up to the house pump. Well, in...
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