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    Dec 1, 2009
    New here, seems to be a wealth of info, so let's try this for a question. If this works out, I've got about a bazillion other ones:D.

    My basement has a powder room which I would like to convert to a full bath. The floor is concrete as the basement is below ground. The room is very small so I will be needing to move the toilet and sink in order to add a small shower stall. Many years ago, I worked as a plumbers apprentice so I am quite familiar with moving pipes, working with copper/pvc, etc...

    My question is, does a shower have a gooseneck in the drain? Also, I would obviously have to take a demo hammer to the floor and bust up the entire concrete powder room floor in order to move the toilet drain so is there any advice as to how I should plumb this stuff together or any general pointers at all?

    thanks in advance.
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    All plumbing fixtures have traps.
    All plumbing fixtures need to be vented in a manner acceptable to your local authority having jurisdiction.

    No one can advise you how to replumb your bathroom without knowing what is there.
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    Also, the shower drain needs to be 2" or larger all the way to a similar or larger drain pipe.

    Look into Kerdi from if you are going to tile the shower. Then, check out for help.
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