Basement drain pipe replacement and upgrade

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Hey everyone, I am currently in the middle of completely replacing the drain/vent plumbing in my basement. Home was built in 1950s and I have already tore up concrete floor, removed old cast iron / lead / brass and replaced with ABS. The new ABS is dry-fit currently while I get some of the fine details hammered out, and was hoping you guys could help me with that.

Here are a few big points:
  1. main sewer drain to city is 3" leaving house
  2. was hoping to use 3" drain everywhere for this project - to provide room for expansion in future
  3. immediate upgrade/add would be dedicated drainage in far corner to accommodate W/D
  4. future upgrade possibilities are:
    1. kitchen gets relocated to "above" where W/D will sit
    2. current kitchen is converted to bathroom
    3. so idea was to put 3" everywhere leaving concrete to accommodate that
  5. currently house has full bath upstairs, 1.75 bath in basement (shower)
The big concerns / questions I have are around capacity and connections - wye's vs. sweeps, distance between different branch joins (is issue?), and stuff like that.

Below are links to some pictures showing what the pipe layout plan is. If someone is able to provide some guidance on pitfalls I would really appreciate it!

Basement floor

Basement wall
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