Attenuating HW Recirc Pump Noise

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    Oct 4, 2011
    We recently had a hot water recirculation pump (Taco 008-BF6) reinstalled in our HVAC closet as part of a major HVAC / DHW system redesign.

    OLD SYSTEM (Tank type DHW heater)

    In the old system, the pump cartridge was mounted vertically. The pump was suspended at the base of the DHW heater by a short length of tubing from the tank. The pump's other line (~ 3 ft in length) snaked around the side of the tank and into the wall. The pump lines in the HVAC closet were not clamped to the wall in any way. The only noise outside the closet was the faint sound of water flowing thru the circulation lines inside the wall.

    NEW SYSTEM (Boiler type DHW system)

    The pump cartridge is now mounted horizontally. Its 3/4" inlet and outlet lines are attached to a horizontal section of Unistrut via rubber padded pipe clamps. The Unistrut is mounted directly onto the drywall with lag bolts screwed into the wall studs.

    On the opposite side of the wall is a bathroom. Noise from the pump motor and water flowing in the part of the recirculation line located in the HVAC closet is now quite prominent in the bathroom.

    What additional isolation techniques might be used to reduce this noise transfer across the wall, please?

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