Are there books containing information on bladderless pressure tanks?

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I have been looking all over the web for information of a proper installation of cistern pump with bladderless pressure tanks. I know they are old styled but most installations in this country are of that type. If possible a book I could purchase and add to my library is preferable as I forget things over time.

I am specifically looking for detailed information on maintaining the proper air/water ratio within the pressure tank and how the air volume control valve work (ie.: Brady AV-100). After looking at lots of information I have come to understand that an AVC is necessary but I like having access to information about principles of operation or books that detail reasons.

All the searches I have done bring up the "new" diaphragm systems or tanks that contain the float type AVC that releases air pressure and abducts air in through a schrader valve at the pump or a bleeder orifice at a well.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, most of the applications are for cisterns and not wells. Although it can be considered a "shallow" well.

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You might find a 50-60 year old book on that subject. That is about how long it has been since everyone started using diaphragm style tanks. The diaphragm tank solved a lot of problems you are having and are going to have with the old air over water style tank. If you are drawing from a cistern the water can be aerated there if that is the purpose, as aerated water is the only purpose for those old air over water style tanks. If you have good water and it doesn't need to be aerated, the diaphragm tank is the way to go. There have also been lots of improvements to the bladder/diaphragm style tank systems like adding a Cycle Stop Valve so you don't need a very large tank.

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On a hot water heating boiler with a bladderless tank sized 1% of water capacity and with a site glass after draining tank down and refilling system run 50-70% full of water when hot.
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