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That goes to show that their are good people in this world.

When I was a kid I saved my money for a long time to buy a toy that I wanted for a long time.

I was around 6 years old and did not know about sales tax.

When the clerk counted my money (All Change) I came up about 10 Cents short.
I did not know what to think.

A little old lady behind me opened her change purse and gave me a dime.

I will never forget that.

Later in life a mother with her young child was in a store buying food for her and her child.

She came up about 4 dollars short.

Knowing exactly what it felt like, I opened my wallet a gave her a 5 dollar bill.

She thanked me very much and wanted to give me the change back, I said keep it for a cup of coffee or something.

On here way out of the store, She went to the man Ringing the Bell, And dropped her change in the Little Red bucket.

It brought tears to my eyes.
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That is a very nice story Don. I wonder what toy you wanted? I know when I was little I had this picture from a back of a magazine I kept for years. It was one of those plastic greenhouses, oh, boy I wanted that. I never got it. I used to always lay when little at night looking out the window at night at all the stars, I never got the telescope I wanted, but, then, when my husband and I bought our second house from the proceeds of the sale of our first house my husband bought me a huge telescope. Oh, this is big. Where other people got a china cabinet or whatever in their diningroom I got sitting ... the telescope. lol. I even got the attachment to take pictures and I do. I take cool pics of the sea of Tranquility. So, when my husband was subcontracted out to NASA for a while to work on the motors of the windtunnels, I was in my glory. NASA! I said, " we are going to NASA!" Oh, right up my alley. :) I couldn't had been happier. I saw many neat things, odd things. I loved his jobs.
I loved him. He was this great guy. We stood in the ******** line one day, and the woman a couple places in front of us didn't have enough of money for her prescription. She was asking, can I pay this for this amount, etc, she was trying her best. No one would help. But, we looked at each other and he got out of line walked up and paid 47 bucks for her. I never loved him more than that day. He was unemployed at that point for 5 months, but, he never said a word, he just did this. Well, what goes around comes around? When we walked in the door, I swear on anything holy, the phone was ringing and it was NASA calling... Now, talk about life, eh. He always did good. I could never figure out if I liked him more or loved him more. So, in his memory I do what he always did in life. Give to kids. I was at Chuck E Cheese last night with a friend, and we were eating pizza, and playing the games ( supposed to be working) and I was winning tickets like crazy, I couldn't miss! I had a huge pile of tickets from the Skee Ball. And, I got this bad arm. Well, we were sitting there eating our pizza and I see a man with one arm. He was patting his little girl on the head with the other one. The other one was messed up. But, not gone, just messed up. I take it, he was in the service at some point. I was saving the tickets for my grandson, who will eventually, be playing in the balls, and whacking the heads off of little things with the big plastic hammer, but, I saw this man, and heard my husband. So, on the way out, I walked up to the wife and said, " can you use these" and gave her the tickets and the bucket of tokens I had yet. In the parking lot, I hear my name being called. Here it was my husband's best friend, I haven't seen in years, and he said, " you are just like your husband was..." and, he went on saying, he knew that man and his wife and daughter, and told me how hard times has been and how grateful they were for what I did. See, that is why I won all those tickets, I never win crap. It was meant to be. He kept saying how much he misses him and what a great guy he was. I told him, " I know."

I will sit and look through my telescope at night on my deck. Once I said, " give me a sign you are still here." And, there in the dark, a really huge falling star streaked by.
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