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Hi all first time poster
Here's my dilemma. After measuring my old walk in shower, I came away with 58 1/2 inches. Taking away the wallboard and tile that should mean i have a 60" opening.
So I rip out everything and lo an behold I have a 59 5/8 opening. On order and waiting to be delivered is my shower base which according to the specs is 60" x 36".
I have no ability to move walls as one is an outside wall and the other has a bathtub on the other side of it.

So here is my question. I currently have notched the one wall bottom plate 3/8 of an inch and each stud 3/8 back 4" high to make room.
This should allow my pan to fit in. From what the specs tell me the pan should have a 1 inch nailing flange and then a 1 7/8 lip to accept CB and tile.
I plan on installing the base and then having the cement board come down onto the lip although it will leave a space between of 3/8 to the nailing strip.
Does anyone see an issue with this besides look. I realize that I will not have as much reveal on the faucet side but I'm ok with that. I'm just wondering if that 3/8 gap could pose a problem or if I should fill with either shim or low expansion foam
Anyways hopefully this isn't too confusing if need be i can attach a pic possibly
Thanks all!
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