Air in water from faucets

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    Oct 23, 2008
    I have a drilled well with submersible pump. The well feeds a WellMate Fiberglass 120 Gallon Bladder Tank that is buried next to the well. Three houses are fed form the tank. One house has a full time resident and is about 150' from, and level with, the well. One house is a vacation home and is rarely used, and it is about 300' from, and about 10' above the well. Our house has two full time residents, and I suspect we are about 700' from, and about 20' below, the well.

    Last Saturday our water pressure dropped to zero. I determined that the pressure switch had gone bad and replaced it. The switch is located at the top of the well head, on the pipe that heads down to the buried pressure tank. With the new switch system pressure was restored and it seemed to cut on and off normally.

    My question is about the water. Since the change we have air in our water. It is almost like it is slightly carbonated in that when a glass of water is drawn from the tap it is cloudy, and then clears up in a few seconds. Our neighbor (#1 above) said that after the switch replacement he had some air in the line that spurted, had the cloudy water, then after a day it cleared. He now has crystal clear water coming from his tap, like we did before the switch replacement.

    Our water, however, after four days of showers, laundry, cooking, toilet flushes, etc., still has the "carbonation" effect.

    Can someone give me some insight on if this is normal, how long it should last, and if it is not right what to look for to fix?

    Thank You,

    Chris Smith
  2. Gary Slusser

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    Aug 31, 2004
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    The air in your line can't go downhill 700' so it's trapped in the line. It will eventually be absorbed into the water but, it depends on how much air is in the line as to how long before it goes away.
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