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    We are pleased to announce that earlier this week we launched a new and improved website. The web address is the same, but the new site has several great new features.

    The website has been substantially reorganized to provide you with a simpler more effective way to access the information and services you need for a better way of healthy living. In addition, we’ve added a news section in order to bring you better/fresher content, update you on new and exciting things.

    The site’s submission to the search engines has been perfected to help you to locate information quickly and easily at your fingertips. Every blog listed has a response where you can leave comments or questions that you might have. You can even give us health tips that you might have for others to read.

    Sign up for our new FREE newsletter that will come out every month with information on lowering your blood pressure and coming to terms with your anxiety, lose those extra pounds, lower your cholesterol. Learn about the different food groups that will naturally help you better your health.

    At Natures Healing Foods we hope that you will find something useful and interesting on our new site. Every effort will be made to keep it accurate and up to date.

    You even have a chance to buy Gus Deligiannidis book: My Personal Story of Health through Nutrition, Weight Loss and Light Exercise and the Fascinating Wellness Program that came out of it. The book offers an enticing variety of recipes from appetizers to entrees to delicious desserts – allowing you to prepare a scrumptious meal WITHOUT SCRIMPING ON TASTE or taking valuable time out of your busy schedule. It offers interesting facts on exercise, how to keep a food diary, how to buy and use herbal remedies wisely and safely and how to know which vitamin supplements you need and which ones you can do without.

    Go to Natures Healing Foods today and find out for yourself, enjoy and learn all the information you can on becoming a healthier person for you and your loved ones.
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