14-50R Neutral/ground question

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    Sep 9, 2019
    Question: Do I tie both the ground and neutral to the same bar in the panel (on the right in the photo)?

    Explanation: I am installing an outdoor 14-50R receptacle to power a travel trailer on my property. The previous owners had one installed but the receptacle and UF wire was removed by the owners or stolen while the home was vacant.

    Im using 6/3 UF wire for the run. The trouble I'm having is where to tie the neutral into the breaker panel. There is no neutral bar in the box (as far as I know). The 200 amp breaker panel is directly below the meter and still has the 50 amp breaker in place. I have included a photo of the box.

    Disclaimer: Yes, I can see the panel is a mess, the unattached exposed wires are not hot and I will remove them when I have the time. I know to shut off the main breaker when removing the panel cover. I have a fair understanding of electricity and the consequences of being reckless, unfortunately I just do not have the money to have an electrician do the install.


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    Looks like a meter/main combo with feed-thru lugs. The ground and neutral should be bonded at this point, usually by a green screw. Maybe done by the POCO to the case. Looks like you are good to go.
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