50 amp

  1. Jman2012a

    30 Amp Generator output into a 50 Amp inlet.

    I have an existing generator that has a 30 amp outlet, however, my house I recently purchased has a 50 amp power inlet box. The 50 amp circuit breaker in the box has an interlock, so we have protection from that stand point. My question is can I use my generator that feeds 30 amps to the 50 amp...


    Running new line of 6/3 cable from main to garage to charge electric vehicle. OK to put the 6/3 cable through 1" pvc pipe over ceiling in finished basement? Concerned about heat from 6/3 cable running 40amps. Will use 50A GFCI.
  3. cjt00000

    14-50R Neutral/ground question

    Question: Do I tie both the ground and neutral to the same bar in the panel (on the right in the photo)? Explanation: I am installing an outdoor 14-50R receptacle to power a travel trailer on my property. The previous owners had one installed but the receptacle and UF wire was removed by the...
  4. LikeABigFriedEgg

    Correct fuses for kitchen range and 50A circuit

    Hey everybody. I was inspecting the fuses for my kitchen range, and I'm not sure about whether they are the correct fuses. One is marked "BUSS NON 60 amp ONE-TIME FUSE". The other is "BUSS 35 AMP no. 25035 ONE-TIME FUSE" I expected them to both be 50 amps, but I don't really know what to...
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