water supply

  1. losten

    Bathroom sink leaking from water supply connection to faucet

    Hello, all. I recently discovered that my bathroom sink was leaking where the cold water supply line connects to the underside of the faucet. I initially tried tightening the connection but that didn’t help. I replaced the water supply line but I am still having the same issue with it leaking at...
  2. ari

    Bidirectional pressure on ball valve

    In my residential water supply system consisting of 3/4" pex, I have a section that I would like to have the option to bypass. The most inexpensive way I can think of is to use 3 two way ball valves in the configuration pictured. In this configuration, when the bypass valve is closed and the...
  3. ari

    Splitting and merging supply lines

    Hi, first off, I'd like to thank this forum for all the plumbing advice I've read as a guest. I haven't been able to find an answer to this particular question so I finally joined. I am making a heat exchanger for my shower trap arm. I have a 2" section of copper drain pipe that I want to coil...
  4. Aspiring DIYer

    Help me move (or hide) a floor water supply?

    Hi! Some of you kind folks gave me advice regarding what toilet to get a while back, and I settled on the Toto Vespin. (I was also considering the Toto Drake and Kohler Corbelle.) My husband and I renovated our new house, and our contractor put our toilet water supply lines in the floor. I know...
  5. Kelly Brownson

    Float system from low flow well to cistern

    Hi there, I’ve tried searching the forums and came up with a lot of useful information but have not completely answered all of my questions for our exact scenario. We’ve been having water supply issues in our shallow dug well for awhile and we’re lucky enough that our neighbours let us fill up...
  6. Lisa Karl

    Copper Water Supply under Kitchen Sink

    I'm trying to replace my kitchen faucet. I cannot seem to get the old water supply lines removed. I think they are flexible copper. I finally got the nut off, but can't get the -- is it compression ring, ferrule? -- off. I got them both loosened, but that's about it. I've already put in a couple...
  7. jon v.

    Replacing Copper Water Supply Line with PEX?

    I live in San Diego, CA, and I'd like to replace the water supply line between our water meter and house. The current setup is pretty simple: there's a 1" copper pipe covering the 20' span through the middle of the front yard in a straight line, and it doesn't pass under any hardscape. It's...
  8. silent bob

    Concerning backflow [water contamination] issue, advice needed

    hello everyone. i recently discovered that the water supply line to my toilet (that feeds the upper tank) has developed black mold. this is what the other side looks like (inside of the shut off valve coming out of the wall): what concerns me, is this: to my knowledge there aren't any...
  9. Terry

    Lead found in some Tacoma homes

    http://www.thenewstribune.com/news/politics-government/article73004612.html Now Tacoma has it's own lead story concerning public water supplies. About 1,700 of Tacoma Water’s 92,000 customers may be affected Read more here...
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