twin ell

  1. NomicEnvy

    M-Core, Does twin ell replace valve separation specs for no stacking leak?

    Hello, longtime lurker here with my first post! I'm a DIYer plumbing a tub/shower with Moen m-core parts. I had intended to follow the layout in the first image from Moen's online design guide, which caps the shower port and includes a twin ell. However, the instructions with my mixing valve...
  2. Tuttles Revenge

    Twin Ell with Mounting Ears

    Anyone know of a Twin Ell with mounting tabs? I've got a shower design that has a single outlet of the mixer down to a diverting tub spout. And twin ells dont have a method of mounting besides strap. Or some other Kluge. Or can I just replace a twin ell with a drop ear tee. Use the threads for...
  3. Xander Fulton

    K-2976 Showerhead water flow vastly lower after remodel adds twin ell

    Searching around on Google for this topic keeps bringing me to threads on this forum, although in reviewing them none seem to be exactly what I'm experiencing. So, time to create an account and ask, I guess! In a tearing-the-bathroom-down-to-the-studs remodel, we went with a Kohler...
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