tub and shower faucet

  1. C

    Tub spout on opposite wall as valve

    I know this has been touched on before but I’m doing a Reno and for reasons not worth going into the spout/diverter must be on the opposite side of the tub as the valve/shower head. I understand the issues but my question is this: can I add more pipe length to the mix line going from the valve...
  2. KPA49

    Unable to turn on hot water in tub

    Two handle faucet on bathtub. Cold side works well. Hot handle turns but does not cause hot water to run. Thinking the shut off valve is closed - however, I've not been able to locate shut off valves. Could there be another cause?
  3. Jasleen Kahlon

    Danze Shower handle, Delta RP90

    Recently, the crystal knob on my shower handle broke off and we cant seem to find a replacement. Its not one that turns left or right but more 360 degrees. I have attached pictures of the shower handle and hope someone can recommend a knob or lever that can attach to it. Thank you!
  4. rkporsley

    Repair/Replace old overflow plate in tub?

    This house was built in the 1950s, but the plate has been as pictured since I moved in, so I'm not sure when it was added. As far as I can tell, it's hard to find square overflow plates, so I assume it's old. I'm not sure how to remove this or find a cover. It's caulked and there just a bolt...
  5. NiyNiyBby

    Tub leaking

    i just bought a new cartridge for my tub, delta 1300/1400 series. I took the old one out & replaced it with the new one only thing is when the new one is placed water doesn’t come out of it at all. I took it out put the old one back in just to be sure boing was wrong with my line & the old one...
  6. The Update Plate

    The Update Plate. Converting three handles to one. Repair plate for tub and shower valves

    Terry. Thank You for letting me post this information about this product that I have developed. At this point it is my intention to just make as many plumbers and experienced handymen aware of the product. It will be available online shortly and I hope to get it into plumbing supply houses...
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