1. Chevsky

    Coil/Furnace width, CFM 17.5" vs 24.5"

    EDIT: I just noticed there's a GM9C800804BN -- which is a 1600 CFM version of the same 80 Kbtu, 80% afue, 17.5" wide cabinet!! So I guess my problem is solved! (I changed 1200->1600 below) ---original post--- Looking for advice on selection of a width for Furnace+Coil pair -- 17.5" or 24.5" --...
  2. S

    1” or 1.25” valve - conflicting info.

    Hi, the water line in my house is 1.25” after the pressure regulator (Larger from the street). For what it’s worth, the water heater is 1”. The house has 4.5 bathrooms. 2 people unless we have guest. I’m planning to buy go with a clack softener. My understanding from UPC is that I should use a...
  3. Kyle the Donkey

    400' residential water line. What size should I use

    I am going to hook up to the city water line for a small 30' Yurt. My Yurt is 400 feet from the road. I have the option of installing a 1" or 1 1/2" water line with matching tap, meter, etc. I am concerned about the water pressure and volume of water at the Yurt because of the distance. The...
  4. pickerel

    Gas line sizing assistance - new pool heater

    Good evening, I am respectfully requesting assistance in the sizing of a gas line for a pool heater. My local inspector will allow me to install the line on my own and once I get a licensed gas fitter to connect to the mainline, they would inspect everything. – hence the question to the experts...
  5. Regis Tration

    Submersible Well Pump Sizing Help Please

    I have a well in an extremely remote location on an island 10 miles off the coast of Maine. I would hire a professional to help but I haven’t found anyone who is willing to travel out there on a boat. The submersible well pump needs to be replaced. I need to know what size pump to buy. I don’t...
  6. crtbilly

    Pump Sizing suggestions

    Hello Everyone, Long time reader first time poster. Current setup from the information I could piece together from well report and last pump supplier. Well drilled YR: 1994 Well casing diam: 6" Well depth: 300' Water level from surface: 54' Pump depth: 200' Current pump: sta-rite 3/4 H.P...
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