sewer gas

  1. Miko5

    Sewer gas smell coming from wall under vanity?

    Hi all, hoping someone can help me. I'm handy but usually leave plumbing to someone who knows better than me what they are doing (more of a carpentry girl myself, though I fixed all the other toilets in the house that just needed new gaskets and valves, etc). I had someone in to fix one toilet...
  2. Psarkis

    Sewer gas from shower drain and water pooling on tiles. Help!

    We purchased a 1971-built home in Palm Springs about 2 years ago. It was a fresh renovation, which included replacing the tub in the master bath with a tiled shower. About 8 months ago, we noticed two things happening: there is a persistent sewer gas smell from the shower drain that gets worse...
  3. smellyinmd

    Terrible Sewer Gas Smell From Bathtub Drain, Stumped 3 Plumbers

    I am getting this terrible sewer gas smell coming from my bathtub drain. It is practically blowing out of my drain and fills up the house with terrible odor if I leave it uncovered for more than a few minutes. Generally, the smell is worse during the day than it is at night. The tub gets used...
  4. DIY Sparky

    Sewer Gas smell in baesement

    I have had sewer gas leaking into my basement for a while now. I have narrowed it down to the laundry room where there is a 4" clay p trap in the concrete, drain on one side and a cleanout cover on the other. I think this is the culprit but not entirely sure. Also on the drain side is my...
  5. Steve Thompson

    Toto Vespin leaking sewer gas

    I installed a Toto Vespin, with the adapter allowing it to be installed with a 10” rough in. During the installation I noticed a greater than normal amount of sewer gas venting from the closet bend. I plugged it with wadded newspaper while installing. After installing the toilet we began to...
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