1. I

    I’m so lost… Is this la drain shoe?

    fixing up an old house and the bathtub looks great other than this drain. I’m very confused at what I’m looking at as I’ve never dealt with tub drains. Ideally I want to fix it up and add hardware. Is this a shoe that’s been sealed over or is this apart of the tub and I should reseal it? The...
  2. K

    Old moen shower trim...help needed!

    I am in the process of updating my bathroom. I took apart the shower trim, threw it out, and have found myself to be in a bind! After a bit of research, I was able to identify the old valve as a MOEN. After reading a bunch of forums on this site, I am starting to feel like there is light at...
  3. HandyGal

    Antique tub faucet name and safe remove

    Hello, this bathroom has lots of old stuff dated 1929 up to 1980. I want to update this without damaging anything. What is this type of tub faucet called and how can I safely remove it? It's like half of a ball. The tub has no overflow.

    Help Identify old shower stem from the 50s

    Hey my name is Rocky, i have a leaky shower stem pulled it out and the washer/bushing at the end is torn and degraded. i need to replace or rebuild. problem is i have no idea what make the stem is. Has 12 splines and is roughly 5 7/8 long. As the title says, i need help to identify it. the house...
  5. Onlooker

    Are there any other options for a small brick building?

    I am a condo trustee in a 90 year old, 4 story brick building, with 4 units per floor, 2 on each side of the common hallway. The kitchen plumbing is all 90 years old and embedded between thick brick firewalls. There is no access to it, except by removing kitchen cabinets and cutting through...
  6. Will Davidge

    How to I remove this tower drain?

    Hello everybody, So I have a clog in my tub drain and am perplexed as to how to remove the stop so I can snake it. I have what I believe is called a tower or standing waste drain. There is a knob in the tub that actuates an arm attached to a cylinder that blocks the drain when it is lowered...
  7. Pandia

    American Standard... Is it ReNu or Heritage?

    I am trying to see if I use a rebuild kit if I can get the shower working again. I know the part is 5.5 inches, 22 splines. I have had it identified as American Standard #18293-0200. But different places call the styles different names! Heritage...
  8. CyberScooby

    Basement drain clogged?

    First a little background - We live in a house that is approximately 130 years old. The basement contains 3 "drains" and an unused cistern that is no longer hooked up to anything. One of the drains was doing nothing when we took on a bit of water a few years ago in the one corner of our...
  9. Frances Latrese Sowells

    Old tub spout stuck

    Can someone help me. How do I get this tub spout off. I have tried everything but the hand of God and cannot figure it out. I am assuming th is is an original spout so maybe 1959. No set screw. I cut off the end to get a look inside but I'm still stumped. Please help, I've got to get these...
  10. Ttranquill

    What kind of Valley shower faucet?

    Hi, been searching for a while for this one, all expertise will be greatly appreciated. I know its a valley, at least i hope i do. However the issue is that i cannot find the exact match where the little notch on top is parallel with the two holes on the bottom. Please see attached files. Thanks
  11. Stephan Sanders

    Unusual shower arm connection

    We recently moved into a new house and want to insert an S style shower arm/pipe to make the shower head higher. On trying to turn the old shower arm anti-clockwise I could not get it to move. I removed the flange and underneath was a mass of transparent, hard, jelly-like material. Removing the...
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