1. B

    Threaded Tub Spout Issue

    I am currently replacing the trim kit in my ~30 year old bathroom in Oregon. The last thing I need to replace is the tub spout, and the spout in my kit is a slide-on. My old spout is an IPS connection with the threads all the way against the shower wall (see photo). My issue is that the nipple...
  2. EggMcMuffin

    Water Heater Outlet Nipple - Unsure if leaking

    I'm unsure if there's a drip leak at the water heater outlet to nipple connection of my Bradford White gas water heater. I used 3.5 wraps of Megatape on the threads with a light to moderate amount of Rectorseal 5. It's impossible to see without removing the top cover. I just replaced the...
  3. WassupTC

    Hansgrohe Axor nipple length

    I roughed in a Hansgrohe iBox and quattro diverter and off of that I have an Axor port to use for a handheld wand. installation instructions call for the nipple length outside the finished wall to be 5/8 inch. I'm tiling and did what I could to figure everything right to have that extension...
  4. Brandon Kelling

    Water Heater Heat Trap

    Recently re-did the plumbing on my hot water heater because it was done with pex all the way to the nipple and that is a code violation. In doing this changeout I could not get the new compression type fittings to make a good seal with the plastic heat trap inside the pipes. They were causing a...
  5. TAPlumbing

    1/2” brass close nipple too long

    Hey! I’ve found similar threads but none that exactly match what I’m looking for. I need to attach a shower supply elbow to a female threaded fitting, but I didn’t leave enough room for the nipple. The smallest 1/2” npt brass close nipple I can find is 1-1/8” long. I need to be closer to 3/4”...
  6. Antlerman

    Trouble with Pitless Adapter

    Dug down 5 ft to find a hole in the nipple attached to my pitless adapter ....but I'm afraid to grab that nipple and try to twist/take it off for fear of it breaking off - I don't see any threads at the top where it goes into the pitless adapter? Your advice would be greatly appreciated...
  7. Danny

    Updating Delta bathtub spout but wrong nipple

    hi all, First, thanks for the approval. This is my first post. I’m certainly a novice when it comes to most things plumbing. I wanted to update my tub spout with a new trendy Delta but unfortunately the nipple pipe coming out of the wall isn’t right for the provider adapter. What’s my move...
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